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Dream homes for everybody

Your favourite home our favourite design. The whole house or just one room, we design thoughtful livable space for you. Not just furniture,we design dream furniture.

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Responsibility and Sustainability


Waste & Recycling




We are carbon neutral.

we plant a tree for every sale we make our materials are sourced locally and much of it from waste

We genereally don't produce any waste that can't be recycled.

We deal with waste responsibly by: repurposing or designing with multiple uses in mind. Choose materials that can be recycled or reused either by us or elsewhere packed down and stored efficiently

All members of our team are:

within 30 minutes of the workshop passionate about sustainability

At Popular Handicrafts, we ensure that:

minimal journeys are made for material collection by reducing collection dates and planning them efficiently there are liftshare opportunities cycling is encouraged

Packaging and Stationary


Child Education

Social Responsibility


We try to send out every shipment on time and our packaging is:
We used EPE foam, air bubble and corrugated box or corrugated sheet with corner and edge protections. All our packaging materials are sourced Rohs, FSC and relevant complaint vendors.

We are a circular business which means that:

Everything we put out, come back to us we re-use and recycle our own waste. We encourage the circularity of other businesses within our own

Promoting education, including special education 

Employment-enhancing vocational skills especially among children, women, elderly.

Collaborating with various organization 

which are registered as a Trust or a Section 8 Company under the Companies Act 2013 or society of NGOs or any other form.



Audit & Compliance

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